About Adriane Dean Photography


Everyone has envisioned their own version of the "Storybook" wedding at one time or another. For some, these dreams can start very early in life and involve very elaborate details of that perfect day. For others, they just see themselves standing next to someone they love, repeating some beautiful words, and eventually shoving cake in the face of the person with whom they hope to spend the rest of their lives. Each of our lives is a book, filled with chapters where we are the main character. As our story goes along, it intertwines with the stories of others. One day, we find that our story just isn't quite as interesting without another particular character along for the rest of the foreseeable plot. And, as we all know, every good story includes an even better wedding scene.

One thing, among many others, that the romance novels tend to leave out is just how hectic and stressful planning what should be one of the happiest days in the story of you and your new protagonist. Life stories aren't edited for other readers, and we all have a few stories we would prefer to rewrite given the chance. After all the effort put into planning, your wedding day should not be a dull side note in an otherwise epic saga. It also shouldn't be filled with would-have's and should-have's.

Adriane has been able to learn from the minor wedding mistakes brides had made in the past, and uses this knowledge to anticipate nearly any wedding issue. Minor problems or little annoyances can be evident in photographs, and Adriane truly doesn't want her images to bring back anything close to a negative memory of your wedding day. She realizes that she is only a few feet away from you throughout most of the day, and she not only photographs your special moments, but acts as a reassuring guide along the way.